our 7 core values

We believe that knowing God, finding freedom, discovering purpose and making a difference are the four pillars of how your personal relationship with God and your impact on the world can continue to evolve.

Over the past 35 years Kelowna Christian Center’s leadership has continued to seek God and to integrate what the Holy Spirit was saying into a local expression. We commit to the essential truths of Christian faith and remain flexible to the methodologies God wants to use to convey those truths to our world.

We have a fervent passion to see personal, family, church, city and national transformation, and work to ensure that our children have the hope of a future, bright and full of potential.

God created you. Your life has incredible, intrinsic worth. Sin devalues us, and pride separates us from getting the help that we need. Help is found in God, Who knows us intimately. God sent Jesus to save us from ourselves, to introduce us to the potential of becoming reconnected to the life of God.

Our ministry team has a dream of seeing every life mended – healed and whole, every person molded – their character strengthened, every individual mentored – their gifts and abilities honed, and every member a minister – mobilized for ministry, locally and globally.

Making the most of your personality

Download the DISC Assessment and take a deeper look into who God has called you to be

discovering your spiritual gifts

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