Larry and Francine in Kenya


Healing and Empowering Vulnerable Children and People in Need to become role models in society.


Lifting vulnerable people out of their despair by educating, treating and creating functional family homes.


  • We value strong families with both parents providing a caring nurturing environment.
  • We value the dignity of mankind without discrimination seeking health and welfare for all.
  • We value our partners that work together to help accomplish the mission and vision of this organization.
  • We value education in faith, health and schooling.
  • We value honesty, respect and kindness for all in our communication and attitude toward each other.
  • We value communication, accountability and transparency in our organization with volunteers, partners and donors.

What we do

Larry and Francine have served KCC missions for over 15 years. They has served on many fields and taken teams on mission trips in several countries around the world, now bringing teams solely into Kenya. Even though they network with many of the Building Beyond Borders projects and field reps, their primary role is establishing and developing projects in Africa.

Both Larry and Francine have compassion for orphans and street children, keeping them focused on the task of raising both awareness and funds for the destitute children in east Africa..

Larry’s primary focus is overseeing the many projects they are developing and building stronger relationships and trust with our national partners on the ground. He also encourages businesses, foundations, organizations, and individuals to get involved into changing the lives of orphan and street children in Africa.

Francine, being a former teacher of Heritage Christian School, now oversees the medical clinic, serving the sick who live on the streets. She also offers therapeutic art classes at the women’s prison.

our initiatives

Medical Clinic

Francine and her team of Kenyan professionals treat 60-70 patients every week. Recently their oldest son (orphan) has completed his medical schooling and is now working at the clinic. They also have a nurse, chemist and manager. Two of their other kids are in college to become receptionist and a lab tech, with the intent of serving alongside at their clinic.

They are now running four days per week, including drop ins, minor surgery, teaching, and a weekly eye clinic. They do monthly outreaches into the rural areas serving an additional 200-300 patients as well.

micro loans

We have given over two dozen loans and are averaging a 90% success rate. Our criteria is to look for people who are already in business, and need a hand up to increase their revenue or visibility. Lately our loans have helped others increase stock, buy a business licence, seed and fertilizers, a bicycle, insure a taxi, and more recently purchase a cow.

Street Kids

The Dust Bins is an opportunity to reach out to the ones who literally have nothing. In a culture where a lack of schooling and no ingrained work ethics is common, laziness and begging becomes the norm. It is so difficult to see change; so we continue to visit them, share the Word with them, and occasionally even hold a class at “The Vision Gate Dustbin Bible School”, love on them and pray with them. Our goal is more like 1 John 4:12 We simply love on them, hang out, break bread (or in some cases big crunchy insects) and that way God’s love is perfected.