Who we are

Building Beyond Borders is the global missions wing of Kelowna Christian Center Society. It is a vibrant missions ministry that champions the cause of less fortunate people in our local community and around the globe.

It does so by identifying the needs of humanity and by providing awareness of how you and I can partner together to make a difference, compelling us who are in a more fortunate community to take action today.

Give now

To donate online, please choose "Missions General" or Fund “Other” and include a Memo for location (e.g. Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Asia, Local Missions)

What We Do

Houses of Mercy

Serve our Rutland Community! We give out food and share in fellowship over coffee and snacks each Tuesday Night with our community. It’s an incredible opportunity to give and serve!


Israel and her people are on God’s heart. The nation stands as prophetic fulfilment, a witness to the world. Here at BBB we want to play our part in caring for the people of ‘The Land’, and help support the Church there.


Healing and Empowering Vulnerable Children and People in Need to become role models in society. Lifting vulnerable people out of their despair by educating, treating and creating functional family homes.


It is our desire and vision that BBB be an influence into the future of Churches in Mexico. We want to see missions being born, orphanages and homeless be supported, and young men and women with no hope be given hope.


Annually, Building Beyond Borders sends leaders into many nations of Asia to train and equip leaders and churches. Building Beyond Borders, gives oversight to benevolent projects and the advancement of quality education.

Global Citizenship Program

We have the good news that we want to share beyond our local contexts to the utter most parts of the earth. As never before in history, it is now possible to see this global vision made manifest.